Immediacy & Accessibility-Vs-Security & Legislation #dingding

There is a simple pleasure in picking up a tablet to work from, in much the same way my father used his A5 Work Notebook. Emblazed with the company logo that we helped him design, this leather bound business in hand was a fascinating delight- packed full of numbers, invoices, checks and orders of all sorts. The principles of this bulging leather clad business papery nexus are simple -mobile and immediacy. Its much the same today with cloud software, mobile devices, 4g and the ever present connected email stream.

For this blog, I apply the principles I enjoy (mobile and immediacy) in the spirit of being the change you want to see in the world. So, I like to automate publication of posts/articles/comments/updates across my social landscape via Flipboard. I reccomend it. Its worth the app download as you get a quick and easy UI. The two major joys of Flipboard are: 1) the ability to simply tick a box and have your content lovingly nudged everywhere(once connected) and 2) the content discovery.

Its like a magazine, not a silly e-magazine that simulates the glossy/papery kind thats dominated our minds for so long, oh noo- this is soo much better. I’m currently looking into software that will work across the social channels & networks. Do you have a suggestion of tracking software you can recommend? I imagine the traffic we create using our oyster cards is used in much the same way to improve traffic flow. But what are the problems with getting your content out there? Accessibilities has its downfalls.

Another great content aggregater and discovery tool I enjoy is Google currents. The downfalls come when security isnt looked after – what about licensing, copyright, paid access? Like many of the Google products, this one has been patiently awaiting its turn in the wings. Google have moved its branded to a less web 2.0, more tablet friendly UI – and I can only wonder if currents will be another piece of kit that happens because it is possible- like Zmags. Or if the big G plan to centralise their advertising platform around currents… Breaking new ground?

It remains to be seen. Access should be considered across the multiple device, multiple app, multiple user, multiple email world we live in. But security across apps and devices will be key. Would you want todays version, in the leather clad mobile business example, of a little 10 year old kid handling your business contacts, invoice and checks –  without you knowing it?


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