My background and early career experience: Technology in Supply Chains, Creative Writing, Project Management, Concept & Manufacture Design, Video Film Production and Art Direction. I have a lifelong passion for innovative Technology. Direct responsibility for Sales Growth strategy in an early stage startup environment. I’m always happy to make International connections, extend my Network and learn new things. I’m looking forward to the Internet of Things, being a Ninja in Digital Marketing. Part of the Squared Online Network via Google … & I like Cats #allthecats. 

A results driven self starter and creator invested in continual personal development. Interested in the development of innovative technologies and their applications in the age of context. Communicating effectively is extremely valuable, when leading and being supportive to team members. I prefer to manage Agile projects, like a road trip to Iceland*. Transparency encourages interaction and support of ideas, promotes engagement. An analytic nature, ensures proactively seeking out failure to improve my performance accordingly. I enjoy global travel, appreciating how cultural storytellers deliver an audience advocate experience. Reliable and always contactable. Incentives motivate and trust builds group culture, which is vital to success in any environment.

Implementing market penetration strategies for clients to ensure every component of Content Marketing drives commercial revenue generation and valuable engagement. Very lucky and grateful to have spearheaded a number of startups into profitability and growth through inspired Content Creation and Content Delivery globally. Had the pleasure in working with the best creative talent, that innovate in order to intertain global multi-channel audiences. Digitally trained to Produce numerous lead generation campaigns including intertainment via Social Media, Thought Leadership and Industry Exhibitions and Events.

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*I am in love with Iceland. I would also love to find out what has brought you this far. Say Hello …

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