Luke Skywalker is The Last Jedi Saviour


Luke Skywalker dies in the Star Wars film ‘The Last Jedi’.

The location will be at Malin Head, Ireland. 31-08-15-151-1024x602He will have trained/guided the soon to be Jedi (~ Rey) thus preserving teachings learned, in using the ways of the force, but in a more balanced way than the last guy. (r.i.p Han)

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Topical RealTime Marketing | @mcwilliamph #realtimemarketing

RTM can bring lots of value to brands that grasp the moment. You can get to the heart of a conversation with the right hashtag. Here are some tips The McWilliam Park Hotel have found to be successful.

Video Content

Social Media Engagement

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Irish Content Marketing

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Hard selling through many digital mediums is quickly becoming an activity of the past. In the connected age we now live in we find the world changing at a relentless rate on a daily basis where story telling, genuinely useful content and engaged social media followings are now crucial online.

Content Marketing seeks to build consumer affinity regardless of industry and draw a customer in closer to a company brand with genuinely useful and engaging information.

With so much info available on the web to the consumer today it is becoming imperative for Irish businesses to distinguish themselves with unique content relevant to their industry in order to stand out from the considerable online crowd.

There are many effective techniques to market your brand using content like:

• An Engaging Website • Blogging • Infographics • Quality and Relevant Landing Pages • Social Media Competitions • Microsites • Quizzes • FAQ’s • Native Advertising • Videos • Photos • White Papers • E-Books • Cartoons • Memes • SlideShare Presentations • Webinars • Podcasts

Thanks to the digital age we now live in sales/conversions acquired from web traffic as a result of content marketing campaigns can now be tracked, credited and measured effectively using different online attribution models now available.

This provides a more accurate way then ever before to quantify the value of investing in different digital advertising mediums. Ultimately this brings commercial justification to content marketing allowing for informed decisions on budget allocation allowing you to maximise your ROI from your digital spend.

Effective content marketing can help with improved SEO and social engagement resulting increased brand awareness with a more loyal type of consumer resulting in more targeted online traffic – generating more leads – ultimately increasing sales. #ContentIsKing

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Wearables: Is this the Next Generation or just a packet release? @scobleizer

There is a buzz of excitement in the wearables landscape at the moment as Google announce their next round for the Explorer Program.


Glass & the program is designed for people who want to get involved early and help shape the future of Glass. There are currently a number devices helping make up and control the Internet of Things; from fitness bands and anklet baby monitors, to smartwatches and other devices using Android Were 


Expanding little by little. Too little too late?


Google Glass reviews were good, but is it hard to explain, unless you part with $1,500 for a prototype product? And the earliest advocates, like Robert Scoble, have turned away from it dues to lack of updates / transparency about its roadmap.


Initial concerns of it not being a fashion item are understandable. Have they done it this time? They are experimenting with different ways of bringing new Explorers into the program. You can sign up here and they will let you know if a spot opens up. 

Ok, so in conclusion, have a look at the website, sign up & ignore Robert Scobles descension. Then go ahead and shell out your $1,500 for this second stab at the computer on your face. I’m gonna stay here and Watch for the next big thing. Is it the right time to buy into wearables!?




The Greatest #Game on Earth | Is it #Content #Marketing #Gold ?


FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 has just had its trailer released. EA sports, its in the Game. I’m transported to back to the Hyatt Regency Newport Harbour, Rhode Island. This is were I woke up my bro Peter to watch the 7:30am World Cup 2002 final. I had my Brazil top on and was amazed to experience the team win.


I’m very excited about the upcoming summer events. I will be wearing the yellow shirt in support of Brazil to win again.

Make It Happen

I have grown so much in the past 12 years (sometimes it does just feel like I only grew a beard and that’s it!) Since that trip I realised that if you want something inn life, you need to get up and go make it happen. More than that you need to continual improve, reassess goals and change.

Change to Improve, Change often to Perfect

I’m going to be tracking how technology is integrated into the global fan experience. I’m very hopeful that there will be a brand new global World Cup community experience. I hope.

I will create a video series on some of the innovations & apps that are being used by various developers during the games. I hope action replays, slow motion, 3D analysis will all be available via my Nexus 5. I hope that the commentary/broadcast model will evolve to quick audience engagements during the game.

Bonus Things Huzzah

Nostalgia has a big part to play in my gut reaction to buy a new PlayStation, TV & grab this new game in anticipation of the same buzz.

World Cup Fever will hit, how fast and how saturated will depend on the Content Strategy of their News updates, Mini-games, push notifications and realtime multi angle live feeds.

The Internet & entertainment  or Intertainment have changed so much in 4 years! I now expected three or four apps and a YouTube channel…. What else?

Being a utility, providing players, teams, stadiums and events with ways to connect with fans! I will be writing blog insights & recording my thoughts I along the journey until Sunday July 13th 2014 🙂


[Insight] Slack: Bringing All Your Communication Together

Slack: Bringing All Your Communication Together:

In 2014, Communication is key to ensure that everyone on your team stays on the same page. Combining real-time messaging and integrating services that teams are already using like Google Drive, Twitter, GitHub, Heroku, Stripe, etc…, you can now get all your notifications in once place.

Two Factor Auth

By putting all your communication and resources in one place, you can now archive and search across all your data easily.

Stewart Butterfield, Co-Founder and CEO of Slack, explains how easy it is for you and your team to start using Slack and start gathering all your data in one place. Hundreds of thousands of users are signing up on Slack and come see and hear why.