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 Stop! Look Up. Get rid of that Spreadsheet!

Here are some New Year Reflections looking forward to 2014: I was in the library, late one night or early one morning, whilst building spreadsheet pivot tables for Aerospace Manufacturing Processes, I was twitching on my 4th litre of Tesco Kick and decided to watch a @Scobleizer Video in order to zone out. He was upset that Nick D’Aloisio of Summly, didn’t turn up to his interview – So instead he published an Video Insight into a company called MindJet.

MindJet – Realtime Mobile Collaboration

So the video details projects, lists, tasks and cloud integration of processes, cross team collaboration, frictionless working, visibility on comments. The company was called Mindjet and the CEO, Scott Raskin, talked mobile, collaboration and mindmapping. After spending my time in the library focusing on how APQP & PPAP in the Automotive/Aerospace industries, really understanding the importance and how it has been implemented at companies like Toyota & Airbus – it suddenly clicked!

Agile Supply Chain

FMEA, SPC, DFSS, SCRUM, QMS, Kaizen, Lean Techniques, Process Improvement were becoming more important as manufacturing technology, businesses and marketing converged. I like disruption especially in a real-time, cloud based digital business environment. The course I was studying at the time was BSc in Aerospace Technology with Management and these supply chain skills would become vital for APQP & developing efficiencies in any business.

Since I had also been trying to collaborate on a startup project with a friend (living on the coast at the time) we completed HUGE spreadsheets on Zoho Docs. I was looking for realtime software / platform that enabled users to collaborate on agile dashboards across any/all industries. It seemed that I could integrate the techniques/studies that I was learning with the start up business that I was building, as well as apply these techniques to ensure the growth of the fledgling startup. I’m hopeful that this convergence of technology, business and marketing will mean huge growth and disruption in 2014.

“As agile grew to prominence in engineering and product, it made sense to call it what it actually was: Agile Marketing”.

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff  @kaykas

Stay afloat in a sea of ‘How to Improve Your #SocialMedia #Marketing Strategy’ Consultants


Its a bit like being at a beach and having ‘Experts’ with surf boards in the sand tell you exactly how to do it. While clutching their ownbrand boards advice like “Just Dive In”, “Its Worth It”, “Make a Real Change“, “Develop your creativity” and “Be part of this experience” ooze from their sentences like great cold readers. All of this can be yours for the [Price Tag Attached] or more recently – its an easy five point instructional process that allows you to start to join us and get involved.

I agree that there is alot to learn as these disruptive technologies come to the masses, I take the fail fast approach. The thing is that this conversation is ongoing, open to change direction and importantly it is already happening to those that are out there getting dunked! There are digital leaders that go out there and can stay up on their wave really well. They are the ones chasing the wave, they love to catch and ride the wave. THEY are creating the experience themselves, they encourage people by giving. They provide insights as spectators cheer/clap from the safety of the sand. The best way for you to become a creator is to go out there and make mistakes/fail. That’s if you want to be proactive? Watch the Wrist, then watch his face, then watch every ones reaction –  is this what we all seek?

Watch. Distract. Uploop. Unlatch. Engage

To me, these ‘experts’ in the social media sand ARE the barrier to progression (proudly clutching their branded boards dot com) I will charge you [Price Tag] to learn more, here are some of the ways that you too can learn! The magical part is involving you in the experience, and you are paying for that. MAGICAL right?

From experience, the best way to learn to ride waves is to jump right in, although it appears people don’t want to figure it out themselves. Whether good or bad, it seems that they prefer to sit back and have people give them advice and charge for this privilege. #takemymoney #firstworldproblems

BIG Trends or Pedagogy ?

One of the biggest trends for 2014 is the creation of ALOT of content on the biggest trends for 2014. As we see the waves and convergence of new media, influence and disruptive technology  – the likes of Brian Solis has his board firmly attached to his ankle. Hes out riding the crashing waves and is giving great insights into New Media trends and how to best ride the next wave. Shouldn’t we be out there trying to crash into rocks, disrupt and failing ourselves? Instead of learning from the sand?

Is this just innovative Pedagogy ? Highlighting some of the innovations that are already in currency, with influence, and applying them to ideas that have not yet been applied to new sectors/markets. Isn’t the suggestion of a trend, from someone that holds power & authority going to have a profound influence on making the trend amplify in this increasingly agile digital world?

Guy Kawaski has effectively got a team of surfers wearing his brand and teaching people how to surf for free. But ultimately where does he make money? He has actually invested in the company Buffer. So as far as new technologies, he has studied and influenced the effects of emerging technology on his businesses, his marketing, and the culture he has created. Hes making money from engaging with audiences – on topics that are important to them. Digital leaders do not shout about how great you are, but instead engage with your target market, so that they go out and tell the world how great you are.

Shut Your Damn Mouth

Surfing may not be one of his favorite past times, but he is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media. Clients are paying for perpetual updates on new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive world. There is a huge digital audit going on, and Consultants give advice on where we are, where we should be and what will be important in 2014 … LETS BE CLEAR! They are simply a Middle Man. Shouldn’t you invest in breaking new ground yourself ? Paying someone else to explain the internet is just plain lazy in my eyes.

Go find out for yourself! If you can create a great story/message and be engaging (NO STRATEGIC HYPE) then your audience will follow. So go make it happen, Cut the Crap & #ShutYourDamnMouth in a good way. Just take a look at how Beyoncé went to this beach, did her thing and got on it. Break New Ground.

The best thing you can do is to go out there and do, learn –  iterate – roll with it –  be open to change. Digital Influencers of today, are staying up on their board because they have learned how to be agile. Guy Kawasaki‘s twitter stream is controlled by a team of curators, that repeat the tweet every 6 hours, from an app/software called Buffer. Actually think about how these “Consultants” are engaging with their audiences.

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Hot Air from Irish Traveller


I joined the Squared Community to develop a deeper understanding and awareness of how we behave different in digital form and best practices that works well for so many digital networks. In order to fully immerse myself in the theories/test/fail/learn- I decided before starting the course (in my bitter loneliness) that I should own a brand or create a name/brand that I could happily test to the limits. And so, Kay Mack Gee or kaymackgee (my initials phonetically) #kaymackgee, (tags of Hash) KayMackGee and the kaymackgee logo were born.

I like to imagine (and judge) content engagement with an audience in a similar way to how a global travel agent (if they still existed) would offer modes of travel to different people for their needs (Does this resonate with you in anyway? If you think there’s a better way to explain this let me know- I’m going somewhere with this Metaphor)

Hot Air Balloon travel is an interesting, fun, zen-like way to travel. Its true escapism. The eternal optimists among you will notice, how wonderfully basket and balloon glides through brighter skies. You can see it as enjoying the element of luck – no real direction but sweet- just like a fortune cookie when you read its post-noodle message. Its still engaging content right? But why?
IMG_20130916_211301I flew back from Ireland on a Sunday evening on a flight that ended with a jolt which shocked me and leaves me queezy thinking about it. A bit like a recent ” TheYoungTurks ” Video on religion that I stumbled upon. Boke worthy: straight to the point, no frills or fluff. Engaging content? Yes! But very different needs.

We are all able to have content on what we want, how we want it, where we want it and when we want it. Now layer in Social Channels and Immediacy via mobile devices means that these networks are alive and well – Fertile Ground

I think that content delivery is a lot more coordinated than the Wright brothers delivered both ship and crew in back in 1917, so I hope we witness content marketing and delivery getting hypersonic levels of efficiency – Imagine a world where: GeoFence payment discounts hover from a Google Glass app based on my Facebook preferences and friends recommendations … Fully personalised and agile content delivery … like a hoverboard! … actually
… wheres my hoverboard!?



Warning: The Next piece I write will be: Immediacy and Accessibility – Vs Security and Legislation

Seamus Heaney: A wonderful Poet, Storyteller & Word Sensei

Irish poet, writer and lecturer Seamus Heaney

“Mid-term Break”

Wearing a poppy bruise on the left temple,
He lay in the four foot box as in a cot.
No gaudy scars, the bumper knocked him clear.
A four foot box, a foot for every year

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Agile Marketing : 9 Reasons to Love it

Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing  Mindjet

Agile Marketing : 9 Reasons to Love it 

The amount of social content out there is insane. To attempt to compete with the never-ending barrage of photos, videos, blog posts, infographics, etc. on the web and connect with your target audience is a daunting task to say the least. You never really know what will connect and what will disappear in the social ether forever. I mean, who would have thought Grumpy Cat would be a thing? In order to make a dent in this crazy content-filled world, you need to be able to adapt, and do it quickly.

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What Google’s ‘In-Depth Articles’ Algorithm Update Means For Your Content Strategy

What Google’s ‘In-Depth Articles’ Algorithm Update Means For Your Content Strategy

Digital Enagement – #kaymackgee Kevin McGowan

According to research, 10% of people’s daily search needs are for more in-depth content. This article focuses on what actually works and what the results tell us.

‘What is clear is that currently, these new results seem to favor “big brands.” Meaning, well-known publishers are being favored, though Google does promise that “you’ll also find some great articles from lesser-known publications and blogs.” So stay tuned. Obviously their primary measure of “quality” right now (as far as these types of results are concerned) is based on reputation, hence the big brand names.’

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Festival of Marketing ’13 to focus on Immediacy and Mobile

Festival of Marketing ’13 to focus on Immediacy and Mobile

Festival of Marketing kaymackgee

An in depth look at the disruptions, inventions, ideas and attitudes of a customer-centric universe and what brands, companies and people like you need to stay ahead of the curve.