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Not Rocket Science

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Hot Air from Irish Traveller


I joined the Squared Community to develop a deeper understanding and awareness of how we behave different in digital form and best practices that works well for so many digital networks. In order to fully immerse myself in the theories/test/fail/learn- I decided before starting the course (in my bitter loneliness) that I should own a brand or create a name/brand that I could happily test to the limits. And so, Kay Mack Gee or kaymackgee (my initials phonetically) #kaymackgee, (tags of Hash) KayMackGee and the kaymackgee logo were born.

I like to imagine (and judge) content engagement with an audience in a similar way to how a global travel agent (if they still existed) would offer modes of travel to different people for their needs (Does this resonate with you in anyway? If you think there’s a better way to explain this let me know- I’m going somewhere with this Metaphor)

Hot Air Balloon travel is an interesting, fun, zen-like way to travel. Its true escapism. The eternal optimists among you will notice, how wonderfully basket and balloon glides through brighter skies. You can see it as enjoying the element of luck – no real direction but sweet- just like a fortune cookie when you read its post-noodle message. Its still engaging content right? But why?
IMG_20130916_211301I flew back from Ireland on a Sunday evening on a flight that ended with a jolt which shocked me and leaves me queezy thinking about it. A bit like a recent ” TheYoungTurks ” Video on religion that I stumbled upon. Boke worthy: straight to the point, no frills or fluff. Engaging content? Yes! But very different needs.

We are all able to have content on what we want, how we want it, where we want it and when we want it. Now layer in Social Channels and Immediacy via mobile devices means that these networks are alive and well – Fertile Ground

I think that content delivery is a lot more coordinated than the Wright brothers delivered both ship and crew in back in 1917, so I hope we witness content marketing and delivery getting hypersonic levels of efficiency – Imagine a world where: GeoFence payment discounts hover from a Google Glass app based on my Facebook preferences and friends recommendations … Fully personalised and agile content delivery … like a hoverboard! … actually
… wheres my hoverboard!?



Warning: The Next piece I write will be: Immediacy and Accessibility – Vs Security and Legislation