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Squarelle Tonacity
Squarelle Tonacity
Squarelle Tonacity

Executive Summary

Mintel value the UK home hair colourant market £349 million in 2013. This category has experienced a healthy value growth of 4.5% YOY -, 3% above inflation rate. Customers are looking for home hair colour products which are kind to hair and are ammonia free. Global brands like Clairol, Garnier and L’Oreal are well established brands in the UK home hair care category and brands like these have invested in scientific research for decades to create better hair colour formulas.

Within the UK home hair care colour market, on 1st April 2014 – Squarelle aims to launch Tonacity – a new and innovative semi-permenant hair colorant that delivers natural multi-tones with a premium price of £24.99. The product is aimed at females who get their hair coloured at salons significantly undercutting salon prices while delivering salon quality. The need is established over 9,000 and research shows women are looking for inexpensive ways of experimenting more with their looks at home and an incredible 75% of UK women dye their hair in some form.

Multi-tones are hot trend for 2014 & Tonacity will capaitalise on this trend. Squarelle Tonacity 3-tone multi-tones are tailor-made to individual needs, arriving in a personalised box adding emotional value to the brand and helping our clients feel spoilt in the luxury of home rather than a busy hair salon. Tonacity is less risky than cheaper off-the-shelf hair colours because Squarelle colour specialists advise on the right tones for each customer. The customer completes a thorough user-friendly consultation online with photo and is emailed back tonal combinaton suggestions. Once confirmed the Tonacity 3- multi-tones are made up and sent with instructions and applicator. Tonacity can only be purchased in select Department stores (our Partners) and on their websites.

In this presentation we will highlight the key digital media cross channel tactics we will pursue to advance the brand awareness of Squarelle’s Tonacity in the UK market in the first half of 2014.

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