Evolution of #Narrative forms. #Content always needs the craft of a #Storyteller. #MagicCatVine [1/2]


Na-Na Na-Na Na-Na Na, Cat Beard!

Cat Beardage is a wonderful example of narration that demands engagement. Below, I outline simple tips for anyone crafting engaging content, digital experiences & contributing to ongoing conversations. In this post, lets first agree that Content Marketing is important for 2014. And Cats … well of course cats, because they’re Magical … Right? [Click Bait]

Content Strategists and User Experience Consultants in both B2B & B2C are scrambling to get ahead on forecasting  – The Future of Marketing 2014. The ‘What does the Future hold’ books and “Over 9,000 ways to win at Social Media Marketing … ” lists are being touted as they excitedly return from the holidays. As if to find meaning in what the New Year brings, they are planning, testing and bench-marking new standards, based on warm fuzzy feelings of what has always worked and what they are comfortable with.

   Little Fat Bitches believe its time to deliver their next batch of puppies.

Yes, basically, for those Little Fat Bitches, they believe that its time to deliver their next batch of puppies. NO! No-one wants to see the same shit repackaged from last year, because the context has changed. Consider; Snapchat gets MoMoney from Investors. After Facebook tries to buy them. When there is considered to be more Mobile Devices Than PCs for First Time –  Ever! Shouldn’t everyone be thinking about how we now use Facebook, Linked in or Twitter? We could argue cats & dogs all day about which channels are best suited to which content. The fact is that the audience of new urbanists, millenials and even old school MySpace-ers are no longer all in one place for you to shout at. This is now the Age of Context: mobile, location, sensors and soon we will suddenly be wearing it, if we are not careful.

Oh Shit -wheres my charger? Look, I cant leave without my mobile char … oh here it is.

Battery permitting, the rapid rise of apps, internet of things, wearables and messaging technologies mean we hold Twitter, Snap Chat, Vine, Google+, Facebook and Keek close to our hearts all day long.

Magic Cat Vine

Within six months, Vine has surpassed any other app by a long margin. The magical part in the below Cat Vine is not that it has branded product placement or that it features a well known film. This is a Magic Cat Vine because it is well crafted by the Storyteller. Your Content must be deeply linked to your strategy, create an Emotional Connection, whilst also being contagious, malleable & uncontrollable.

Go ahead and involve your audience, ask them a question –  engage with them about the content, encourage debate or conversation, by lovingly using #MagicCatVine. If you allow your content to be accessible to everyone, let it be inherently mobile and allow the audience to have a voice/conversation with you – then that’s where the goodness is at.                                                  …. Part 2  to Follow   #AllThereIs [2/2]


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Snapchat gets MoMoney: $50Million extra in Funding

The rise in ephemeral media reminds me of Q102.9 FM. It is, or was, a local radio station where I grew up. They had fantastic local giveaways, fun mentions and if the wonderful tags of hash been on the airwaves –  they most certainly would have used #loversaround11 for my particular favourite match making prank hour. Yes! It was a well known thing to do in the days before the internet took hold, dont judge me ok!  Here some actual proof of the cheese, that we would request for and on behalf of our unsuspecting victims!

So during this wonderful hour, myself and friends would actively prank our friends, family and school mates on a regular basis. It was our way of having an effect on the media content that is delivered to our local area – the reason I draw parallels here is that ephemeral media as we know it, has evolved –  this could be the first time that its been so mobile/shareable/accessible –  but its not new!

Co-founder Evan Spiegel has confirmed the $50 million was from a single investor, with no secondary offering. However, there is no word on who that investor might be, or whether or not it was a re-investor. Spiegel has mentioned Tencent, and its chat subsidiary WeChat in particular, as an interesting company to learn from. Its all about access to this audience. The gatekeepers that are democratizing content creation because of the mechanics of this app.

However this $50 million puts Snapchat’s total investment at no less than $123 million, and without a revenue stream in sight. And honestly, it doesn’t seem to matter right now.

Snapchat announced recently that it sees over 400 million snaps sent per day, which is more than Facebook’s daily photo uploads. Though the company doesn’t publicly disclose numbers, it is rumored to have around 30 million monthly active users.  30 MILLION ACTIVE USERS PER MONTH!

Yes … yes you should wait for that bigger offer!  … but maybe don’t wait too long, unless there is a bigger plan.

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